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Polaroid Pops Challenge 2022!

I’ve started the year with a crafty challenge. One of my favourite brands, Aall & Create, launched a January challenge using their range of stamps by designer Janet Klein. Each day the task is to create a Polaroid sized piece of art inspired by the daily prompt.

Image: Aall & Create

I began by cutting all 31 bases to the required size from white card. I then cut 31 topper pieces from a mixture of hand-coloured card scraps and white mixed media card.

Image: Aall & Create

Once everything was cut, I decided to write each days prompt at the bottom of each base layer.

I did this for 2 reasons, firstly I thought it would make the process simpler if I didn’t have to keep searching for the list. Secondly, it would help me to identify the finished photo’s when the time came to post each one on social media.

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